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The James Ruggles Show

"The James Ruggles Show" Youtube Channel guests includes our Route 66 musicians from Oklahoma and many more states, lecturers on painting and photography, architects, speakers from museums and about the Arts in general.

Our shows in late May-early July have had a audio visual media presentation about the most famous Tulsa Art Deco architecture skyscrapers/buildings and residences.  Also of course the OPENER show, presenting and telling about the mission of The James Ruggles Show.

The third one presented guests James Ruggles Violinist and Joesf Glaude Guitarist in a studio duo concert.  Amy Sebran Folk Singer/Guitarist and James Ruggles Violinist are included on two pieces/songs.

Sometime in July, parts of the July 11th Arts and 66 in Oklahoma concert may air on the James Ruggles Show.

Near future guest speakers will include vocalist/Pianist Cathy Venable.  Also Jerod Tate, Native American Composer, and others!